High Barrier Bags


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The Cannabis Cargo™ grower bags were designed by cannabis experts for optimal storage, transport, and preservation of high-quality cannabis products from farm to consumer. With our high-barrier grower bags, we ensure that you never have to resort to Turkey oven bags again! Made from nothing but the highest quality materials, the Cannabis Cargo™ grower bags will keep your product in the freshest possible condition from harvest to consumption.

The bags allow for ideal moisture and gas transmission rate, are heat-sealable, UV resistant, air-tight, and smell-proof, ensuring that safe transport and storage is never an issue your business will have to face again!

The bags come with a clear window on the side so you can keep an eye on your product, and show off your bud to prospective customers at the same time (also available in all-black without window for the 1lb size).

Contact us for information on nitrogen flushing and heat sealer machines, so you can keep your bud and hemp products in prime condition for your customers!